Bottle Neck And How To Prevent From it

Ensuring That Your Hardware Is All Balanced That Can Prevent Your Gaming Rig’s Bottleneck and Results In Great Experience where all Your Pc Parts Are Being To Their Full Potential and none Of Your Go In Vein and will result In Good gaming experience. The term of bottleneck is everywhere when we talk about overall Pc Gaming Performance.

Building A Rig Isn’t That Easy To Just Buy A High End And Ridiculously Expensive Gpu And Pair The Highest Core Count Processor. And Burn Your Whole Pocket There Is a Balance in Everything Also In building Your Rig To choose The correct Specs That nothing Would Be left Behind

A balanced Gaming RIG is The balance of Hardware Choice For Work Such As gaming Content Creation And Other Type Of things Your Gaming RIG Should Be Designed To Avoid “Bottlenecks”. With A Properly Chosen Components To Achieve The LEvel OF gaming That Your Components Designed For WIth Any OF Your PC Parts Left Behind Or Being Under utilize This Meant To be A better Gaming experience And Better Consume Overall You pc Should Be Balanced By Its Specs Or You Will Just Wasting Your ON New Rtx Cards And next Gen Ryzen CPUs Without Balancing Your Components So Here At Game Vila we Put our Hard Work And Do research for You “How To prevent Bottleneck”

So What Is a PC Bottleneck?

Bottlenecks are barriers and Obstacles That may Slow Your task and Processing of DIfferent packs the Literal meaning of Bottleneck Is The Same as a Physical bottle Has A tiny Hole for the Liquid To go Through The PC bottleneck Is Also Similar To This. Process Bottleneck can Slow the Overall System’s ability for Task Execution And can also Slow down the flow of information bottleNecks Are commonly refers with The Statistics Of the PC’s Components and The Power Of A certain Thing Like a Heavy GPU Got Bottlenecked By Not SO Good Processor And Many Other things To be the consideration to Prevent The Bottleneck Of Your PC Here are Some Type Of bottlenecks.

Low Bottleneck

These BottleNecks Are Pretty Common because Not Everybody Know The Difference Of Core Clocks of GPUs dynamic data rate And CPU’s Core Count and Cache memory So if A GPU Has Higher cocks Than The Processor Itself Than Your Gpu Will Not Be Fully Utilized and Will be Limited by Your processor And You Will Suffer From Some Frames drops And Other Task Will Run Slower Than Usual.

High Bottleneck

This Type Of bottlenecks Are Caused By Upgrading Your Gave It a New Processor Or New Gpu To Spice up Your gaming Experience But all This Does Was Give
You Horrible Gaming Experience Because Your CPU or GPU whatever you replace Is being Underutilized and In This case, Your Upgraded component Is Not worthy At all Because The rest Of Your Rig Doesn’t Let Your particular Pc Part Do Its Work And The Upgraded IS all Gone In waste.

How do you know that your gaming Pc has a bottleneck?

Finding That Your pc Has Bottle Necked Or Is not that Easy. That Is a complicated conversation To Determined That Pc Is bottleNecked by which Specific Part.

Causes Of CPU and GPU Bottleneck

The real cause Of GPU or CPU bottleneck Maybe An Ultra-high End GPU With and Low-end CPU and That Your Processor Doesn’t Let Your GPU Full Utilization And In Other Cases, The Processor Is So High End And Your Graphics card can’t Keep Up With It And Give You Horrible Experience In gaming . or maybe The Game You Play is the real cause and Don’t Use Your PC’s Fraction of power. Cpu Dependent Games have A higher Framerate With Lower Graphics Settings. Some Cpu Dependent Games Are :

  • Counter strike global offensive
  • Mine craft
  • Assassin’s Creed series

Gpu Dependent Games That Show a good Amount of Frames When Paired With A good Graphics Card. Here Are Some Of The Gpu Dependent Games

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Metro Exodus 2019
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Doom Eternal

There is Also Some Other Type Of bottlenecks. which we will talk about further in this article and their solution. Here At GameVila, We Got You covered We do a hefty Amount Of research and Will Gave You The Solution To prevent Your RIG From Bottlenecking.


MSI AFTERBURNER IS software that Will give You An hideous amount Of charts of your different PC parts and their usage percentile on your games. There is an easy solution. Keep an eye on Usage of your CPU, GPU, RAM, Percentile and See Which Part Is exceeding the Limit Too much For example if you got 8 GB Of ram and You see in the percentile 7500 MB used in your game and your game lag too much than this the ram issue you should upgrade that. This goes Same On Your Gpu And Cpu Percentiles respectively keep eye on different percentile reaches their highest level and Your game starts to lag that may be the faulty part and bottlenecking worm replace that thing to another There are also other Thing to measure before replacing that part maybe your drivers are outdated and couldn’t keep up with the Games Requirements Or maybe You Are just Using Old version Of Windows Make Sure To keep Update Your windows And drivers. And If you Notice Which One Of your processors Is bottleNecking Then We Also Got You covered


I know It’s kinda weird when Your Game Is Already Suffering From Performance issues And some Say ” turn The settings Upto Max” But Let Me explains This When Your processor Is suffering To keep up With Your Gpu Then Its The necessary To crank up The Settings To max This Method Will Gave The Mostly work ON GPU And can Be improve The frame rates Of your Games because GPU Doing 80 to 90 Percent OF work Then Your Processor Would Not be Working That hard And Make The bottle Neck To Its Lowest

Overclock The Bottlenecking Part

If You Find Out Which Part Of Your Pc IS bottleNecking Then Just overclock It a little bit AND you Are Good to go Whether Its Your GPU Or Cpu And Ram You can overclock it Little. Don’t You Worry A little BIt Of Overclocking Will Don’t Harm Your Components?


Q: 1. What is the bottleneck basically?

A: Bottleneck Is the term which Use In the sense that some part Of your gaming pc is getting behind by other pc Components

Q:2 does Upgrading Your Older PC Causes The bottleneck?

A: Yes, But If you not chosen Your Pc part brainlessly Than You have Not to worry About bottlenecks.

Q: 3. How to prevent Bottlenecks Permanently

A: NO, You can’t permanently Fix bottlenecks Your Pc will Always Have a Small Bottleneck In It

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